Please note that we have somewhat less competition than most, if not all, other local clubs.
Hagley Camera Club tend to concentrate less on competing with each other / other clubs and more on actually attempting to encourage members to get out and take more images and in the assisting of newer members with their development. That's our story and we are sticking to it!

We do however partake in both "internal" competitions which are open to just Hagley members to compete against other members, and "inter-club" competitions which are basically Hagley vs other local clubs.

Worryingly perhaps, the occasional inter-club comp is called a "battle" which reflects the club's somewhat aggressive history when competitions secretary "Knuckles McGraw" was as happy to have a Pint and a fight than she was to produce any images.*

Competitions are normally hosted by the originating club, ie The Hagley Challenge is held at... yep, Hagley - well, Wordsley but you know what I mean.

In more recent years we have managed to steer the competitions aways from images that have done well before - as whilst that may yield results, surely members, visitors, and Judges alike must become very quickly bored of seeing images over and over - to presenting new images to competition. Some of these might accidentally do fine but either way at least we are producing something that has not been viewed to death.

"oooh this is my best ever award-winning image from 1926" Lovely, well done, no, not for us thanks.

Preparation of images for both DIGITAL and PRINT can be found here.

Also please see "Trains and Kittens"

*the facts have been changed to amuse the writer, only the names remain. May contain nuts.