About Hagley Camera Club

Hagley Camera Club caters for members with a variety of tastes and interests, experience and expertise, and also a fairly wide-ranging demographic.
We are one of the smaller camera clubs in the area and enjoy being of a size where the membership know each other and have a say in how the club is run. Some local clubs segment their membership into groups based on photographic ability, we at Hagley do not do so. Our approach at Hagley, feel that everyone will have more chance of learning and being helped if fully included within the main group, some of our members have many years of photographic experience and knowledge. You will find all of our members happy to offer guidance where needed.

Our as-inclusive-as-viable approach, means that we perhaps don't win as many inter-club competitions as we might otherwise, but we exceed in "the club most inclusive of it's members and most welcoming to new potential members, all with an element of light hearted humour. Each and every club member has the same right, and is encouraged to voice an opinion and potentially influence the club's direction and diary. As such, the club evolves alongside of it's membership and their interests.

You do not have to be a great photographer, or have the best photography kit to join HCC. We do like members to embrace the team-spirit that should surely be the basis of all clubs.

The club evenings run on a weekly basis from mid January through to early/mid December. There may be the occasional meeting during Bank Holidays we miss a week but our diary will advise accordingly.

Will Hagley be the club for you? Well, there's only really one way to find out - come along and 'check us out' you are more than welcome.

You will see, there are numerous clubs with the local area (see our "Click here for link to Other Clubs" section) so you should be able to find one that suits yourself and your primary interests. Do please note that we are perhaps not the most 'serious' club that you might encounter but you will find that all members are more than willing to try and assist if you require any guidance at all.

You will see that the website does not have a members only section as we are deliberately open to all, and even non-members are welcome to see what we do and perhaps gain some knowledge from what we share here.

Occasionally we may have a more detailed meeting planned, (see our diary page section) for example, we may need to hire models etc, this could involve extra costs which will be advised in advance should you wish to be involved as a club member.

Throughout the summer season we generally have a number of "outdoor evenings" - outings to relatively local attractions, in an attempt to practice our photography whilst being sociable.

Other trips outside of the 'normal diary' have included The Peak District, Wales (scenery), Wales GB Rally, The Cotswolds, Leicestershire Deer Rut as well as more localised ones for Horse Racing, Dog Racing, Severn Valley events etc.


To be honest, remarkably little. Once comfortable within the group, and assuming that you are able-bodied, we welcome helping out with setting up and reversing such at the end of the evening is appreciated - many hands do make a difference.

Obviously it is appreciated if general meetings and group events etc. are supported as this of course makes them more viable for everyone.