Welcome to Hagley Camera Club, we had been based on the Hagley Road in Halesowen .

Please note: we sadly have now closed down the club and our very last meeting was 30th of April 2024.

Hagley Camera Club was formed on the 28th of January 1958 and we had always been proud to be a club devoted to our members and warmly welcomed every visitor who came to see us with many of them over the years joining as members.

The vision our founder members had all those years ago, to further the art of photography had seen many changes. From film and darkroom techniques (especially as developing film and paper was very much a science) to the move to full digital photography and the use of software to enhance the images.

We had also moved meeting locations a few times over the years but maintained our welcoming approach to everyone.

Hagley Camera Club was proud to have had a superb friendly, dedicated and very talented set of members who all wish to keep in touch with one another and meet up for the occasional photography meetings.

It is important for us to give thanks to all our past members, our past committee members for running the club over the years, also to our judges, visitors from other clubs and lecturers who have provided excellent advice and techniques, showing us some outstanding images over almost 66 years.

Over the years we had had many friendly competitions with our other local clubs and also wish to say thank you to them all for their support and hospitality.

This website will remain open for a little while longer for reference to people visiting this site. We do expect it to be taken down towards the middle of June 2024 when our subscription to the service provider expires.

If you do need to find alternative camera clubs in your area, we do provide the names and links on our website and we know they will welcome everyone with an interest in photography and please go along and pay them a visit.