Competition "rules" - preparation of images

Please note that your name should not be shown on either type of image, it should however be on a label on the reverse in the case of PRINTS and within the file information if a DIGITAL image.


Digital Images (ie not printed media) should be presented at 1400px x 1050 px and, most importantly should be correctly labelled with the image name and your name within the 'file information' data.

The image should be saved as per it's title. Please see the step-by-step guide to DIGITAL IMAGE preparation here.

It would be most useful if members would also adopt this process with their images for the website and Facebook page.


We have updated this based on comments from judges over recent competitions -

Whilst there is technically no minimum size restriction for the print itself there is for the mount, so do bear in mind that the image needs to be viewed clearly from a distance.
The mount should be 20" x 16" and ideally the image presented within that area, not simply stuck on top of it

The print title should be clearly legible and in the correct orientation on the rear of the mount or image - do take care that it cannot be seen through the image and DO NOT put your name within the image or on the front of the image or mount.